I like to bring together the fields of business, psychology and technology.




For the memorable moments.

Role: Talent acquisition specialist & product owner

Type: Media

Time: 2019 - now


A whole new approach to media production. Combining new technologies, mobile phones and the crowd to create media better, faster and at lower costs. 


A service for dreamers.

Role: Entrepreneur 
Type: Web service 

Time: 2019 - now

The future of job searching. Seriously? Yes. Studentwork.io is a new way for students to learn about their opportunities. Students can get recommendations, insights and orientate on jobs and internships.


Strategic campus recruitment.

Role: Entrepreneur

Type: Campus recruitment services

Time: 2018 - 2019

A different and long term approach to campus recruitment. Student teams for tech companies. 

Before pitching this idea at an incubator program (start up in residence), I wrote my thesis on student teams and hired and managed a student team at a data science company (the data explorer team). 

De Gebroeders T


Traditional Chinese tea.

Role: Entrepreneur 

Type: Encyclopedia and webshop

Time: 2009 - 2018

A family business. We wrote, edited and curated the largest dutch tea encyclopedia (theeliefhebbers.nl), and imported and sold high quality Chinese tea online (thee-webshop.nl). 


Lionheart concepts

Live like a lion.

Role: Entrepreneur 

Type: Blog about stock trading

Time: 2007 - 2010

A blog about trading stocks, commodities and currencies. I was fourteen and very interested in economics and politics.